October 25, 2011

4 What Was Reported By Haprakdaily And What Should Also Be Reported On Penang

Read more about Haprakdaily slanderous spin, here.

What Haprakdaily actually not reported on Penang based on the same AG's report was:
  • Penang mistakenly overpaid 37 state officers amounting to RM109,170 and also underpaid 13 officers of amount totalling RM13,500.
  • Jalan Raja Uda was widened to accomodate more cars but could not be used because parking spaces were illegally used as parking.
  • Federal Government gave RM868,000 to Penang for replanting mangrove trees. However, only 24.5% of trees still alive.
  • Penang state debts increase drastically from 2006 to 2010 i.e. 2006 (RM442M), 2007 (RM497M), 2008 (RM625M), 2009 (RM684M) and 2010 (RM688M).
  • Penang didn't approve RM1M to upgrade and maintain Jalan Permatang Rawa, even though audit found out 18 potholes and endangering users.
  • Penang spent 18% less on low cost housing in 2010 compared to 2009.
Note: Credit to MP Kota Belud, Datuk Rahman Dahlan for his comprehensive review.

I really cannot accept those who excessively preaching Penang's CAT is-all-the-great, which the truth are just unrealistic and bias.So much for your LGE's ass-licking, Haprakdaily!


Sidang Redaksi said...

salm tuan,

mohon pautan ke blog tuan


mohon salinan posting ini

t.kasih, syukran

Anonymous said...

Jilat Buntut LGN tak cibuk...memang haprak

Anonymous said...

Penang semua org lupa... Yang buat Pembangunan infrastruktur tu masa zaman siapa? Dah siap, dah ada, senang je nak mengaku itu ini. Dasar penipu... Kalau tak ada semua infra tu boleh ke jadi macam sekarang ni?

Akula fakir

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Sidang Redaksi, done.


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