January 30, 2009

0 Kami Buat Tak Pa, Depa Buat Salah!

PKR sekarang sedang galak hendak mencari bakal katak-katak di dalam Barisan Nasional yang kemaruk dengan duit dan kedudukan. Seorang katak telah berjaya ditangkap di Perak. Sekarang mereka galak mereka-reka cerita ada lagi katak-katak yang galak hendak melompat di Perak dan Negeri Sembilan. PKR ni memang parti hampas. Penyokong merekapun turut hampas. Apa yang dikeji sebelum ini terhadap UMNO kini dijilat kembali. Mari kita lihat kembali adengan-adengan yang kalau kami buat tak pa, orang lain buat salah.

1. Bila ada wakil rakyat melompat ke dalam UMNO, itu rasuah, politik wang dan dibeli. Apabila katak UMNO melompat ke PKR, itu adalah untuk perjuangan rakyat.

2. Apabila Dewa Kugan meninggal di dalam penjara dan dilabel suspek pencuri kereta mewah, pembangkang mengatakan seseorang itu tidak bersalah selagi tidak dibuktikan bersalah. Sedangkan mereka sendiri menjaja Datuk Seri Najib sebagai perasuah, pembunuh wanita Mongolia dan sebagainya tanpa setakat ini ada apa-apa bukti yang dikemukakan kecuali “Statutory Declaration” dari manusia sampah Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

3. Apabila UMNO terlibat di dalam politik wang, UMNO itu najis dan kesemua pemimpin UMNO itu korup. Anwar Ibrahim sendiri telah ditangkap dan dibicarakan sebagai perasuah dan telah menjalani hukumannya. Begitu juga dengan dua Exco Perak yang ditangkap kerana sedekah seks. Ini bagi mereka adalah fitnah semata-mata. Ini belum lagi kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim. Kalau diletakkan gambar Anwar Ibrahim berbogel sekalipun, ini hanyalah fitnah kerana Anwar Ibrahim wali Allah yang maksum.

4. Apabila kerajaan BN tidak menunaikan janji-janji pilihanraya, ini adalah kerajaan yang korup dan tidak prihatin. Setelah setahun memerintah, kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat yang manakah telah menunaikan janji-janji manifesto pilihanraya mereka baik di Perak, Selangor, Kelantan atau Kedah?

5. Apabila kerajaan membina KLCC, Putrajaya dan sebagainya, ini adalah projek gajah putih yang menghabiskan duit rakyat. Mereka sendiri tidak sampai setahun memerintah sudah menukar kereta Camry 2.4 baru bagi mengantikan kereta yang baru dua tahun digunakan. Ini baru setahun memerintah dan memerintah di lima buah negeri. Bayangkan kalau memerintah kerajaan Malaysia.

6. Kerajaan BN telah banyak berjasa kepada rakyat walaupun cuba untuk dinafikan oleh segolongan yang buta sejarah. Apa jasa Pas, PKR dan DAP selain daripada hendak menjadikan babi-babi tinggal di tempat yang berhawa dingin dan memberi hak mutlak selagi ada bulan dan bintang kepada penduduk Kampung Baru di Perak. Boleh sesiapa bagi tahu apa jasa Anwar Ibrahim kepada Malaysia?

Tepuk dada tanya iman, jangan menyokong membuta tuli. Jadilah orang yang memikir dan jangan menjadi orang fasik dan munafik.

0 Vocabulary Of The Day

0 Terrible Accident And The Drivers Escaped Alive!!!

Daniel Lyons's van careered off a mountain road and balanced perilously on a cliff edge 170 feet from the ground, in Colorado.

A 4x4 lies at the bottom of a cliff at Polpeor, in Cornwall, after it plunged 250 feet from the top. The driver jumped out, ran alongside and pulled out her son, just two feet from the edge.

A commuter train passes the scene where a lorry came off a road and on to railway tracks in Buckinghamshire on the West Coast Mainline. No one was injured and no collision took place.

A car crashed into a church roof in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany. According to the police the driver missed a turn, driving too fast, continued straight ahead on a slightly rising field and then 'took off' to land in the church roof.

Joe Peroceschi, of Wisconsin, is thrown from his boat, Smokin Joe, after losing control on a windy course at the Budweiser Drag Boat Nationals in Southeast Missouri.

Tad Segars rolls his car down the front stretch during the Thunder Car 50 auto race at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. Segars walked away from the accident.

A £100,000 Ferrari literally wrapped itself around a telegraph pole after its driver lost control in Adelaide, Australia. The driver and his passenger walked away from the crash with minor injuries.

And last but not least, a crashed Ferrari, belonging to Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo, in a tunnel near Manchester Airport in Manchester. Ronaldo escaped unscathed and still kicking football for The Devils.

January 29, 2009

2 Obama And His Israel Friends ... Oh My

I heard something far more serious than the rumors of Obama being a muslim or a devoted christian. I heard that Obame is actually a Jew. His mother Ann Dunham is in fact a jew from Wichita, Kansas who claimed being an athiest as many jews do when trying to hide their real identity. As we know, in jewish tradition kids take their religion and identity from their mother and not their father. Of course she went on to try hiding her valuable son's identity further by travelling to Indonesia and enrolling him in Muslim then Catholic schools.

I would not be easily fooled by the Jewish media turning a blind eye to what they knew about his real identity as they are more than delighted to see their deceptive manouvers of getting their loyal man into the White House work without alerting the public opinion.
No wonder Obama's visit to Israel was marked by his promise to keep Jerusalem as the Capital of the Jewish state completely dumping all palestinian hopes to keep their historically and religiously precious East Jerusalem as part of their promised Palestinian state.

0 Beautiful Pencil Sketch

0 Jewish National Fund Annual Report

Sila lihat "Annual Report For Jewish National Funds". Sila lihat siapa Presidennya. Ronald Lauder. Pengasas dan pemilik Estee Lauder. "Google Search" ke atas "Board Of Trustee" kita akan mendapati mereka ini terdiri daripada golongan professional, antaranya, Joel Kaplan adalah "Deputy Chief Of Staff" kepada Presiden Semak (Bush). Apa lagi alasan kita untuk terus "make up" dengan barangan Estee Lauder? (Sila "double click" gambar untuk gambar yang lebih jelas)

0 How To Be Last In The Retrenchment List?

If the current global economic situation continues, we are headed for recession whether we like it or not. There is a pool of things that you can do to make sure that you stay last in the retrenchment list. This is not a fool proof list, but at least it should serve as a guide for you to cling on to your job.

Put in the extra hours

If you are the type that is always the first one to dash out on the dot when the clock strikes 5.30 pm. I suggest you to sit back, take a deep breath and do some of the things due which you need to do the next day. If you have completed all your work ,then maybe you can start doing some planning. It is a good time to put on your thinking cap and start thinking on how you can be more beneficial for the company. Hey!! they have been feeding your needs all these years, and that is the truth. So it is payback time. If you have completed all your work and you really have nothing to do. The least you can do is to cut down the surfing on your office hours and do it after office. When the final crunch comes at least your clock out would show, that you did put in the extra hours.

Accept additional responsibilities

If you are the type who says, I will only do what I am paid for. Now is the time to re look at the policy. Usually employers will look for the staff who holds least responsibilities to chop off. It reduces collateral damage on their side. Your new substitutes will not have to learn too many things, thus makes you easily replaceable. Accept as many responsibilities as possible even though you are overloaded with work, you can always follow advice number one to get more time. Show some enthusiasm.

Promote yourself

At times like this you can never ever expect anyone to talk good things about you. You are lucky if no ones bad mouths you. So you have to do your own PR job. Make sure that your boss is aware of your extra capabilities and most importantly make sure that he appreciates it. When telling people especially your boss on what are your achievements are, do it sincerely and don't boast. That attitude will definitely get you into trouble.

Do not be hostile

This is the time to make peace with the other personnel in the office. Firstly you do not want to anyone to bad mouth you. Secondly bosses want the troublemakers out. They will have enough to worry about such as sustaining the business and they do not want to be drawn into solving office politics. Maintain a cordial relationship with your colleagues, this is not the time to flex your muscles. Its time to use them to help the company.

And always remember

When going gets tough, the tough gets going

Good luck in keeping your job.

0 Transformation Bush To Obama


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