January 7, 2009

0 The Clown Of The Year Speaks Again ...

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim drew parallels tonight between the conflict in Gaza and what he called the sufferings of Malaysians as he hit the campaign trail at a mammoth rally attended by thousands here.

Attempting to touch a sensitive chord among the mainly Muslim constituency here, he accused Umno, the main party in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, of acting like Israel.

"The leadership is busy collecting wealth. While Israel is punishing the Palestinian people for choosing Hamas, it is no different from Umno punishing Malaysians for choosing the Pakatan Rakyat," he told a ceramah here on the first day of campaigning for the Kuala Terengganu by-election. Read More ...

Dr Sid has commented very precise and concise here, please read. I don't want to comment because its stupid to comment the clown statement, isn't it? By the way, who is Anwar? Not more than a dreamer Prime Minister and US Stooge!!!

0 Words Of The Day

0 Playstation 3 Quotes

0 Creative Billboard Advertisement

A Nestle advertising campaign.

A road safety campaign billboard.

A billboard design concept from the Miami Ad School.

Triggered by a motion sensor, the bulb embedded into this billboard turns on.

The biggest billboard in Russia measures over one and a half acres. It is situated in the centre of Moscow and has several cars stuck to it. Their back lights and headlights turn on after dark.

Paint pours down a building side and over several cars parked in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

January 6, 2009

0 Save IJN!!!

I fully supported the campaign of the bloggers against the take over the IJN by Sime Darby (See Here). Let us request Pak Lah, Najib and all his cabinet ministers to abandon the proposal ... or else let us once again use the people power to kick BN out from KT, if the government is too stuborn to listen the "RAKYAT" request.

0 My Most Awaiting TV Series - 24

In the looong-awaited "Day Seven" of 24, Tony Almeida is back and literally badder than ever - he's gone to the dark side! Jack, meanwhile, is on a dark journey of his own, coming to terms with his literally torturous past all while trying to bring down evil Jon Voight and preventing Senegalese rebels from invading the White House. (Yes, you read that right—invading the White House - and this is why season seven is due to rock.) Premiere on January 11.

0 Life Is All About!

0 Quote Unquote - What Sir Alex Said In 2008

Sir Alex Ferguson's 66th year was a great year for United. To celebrate his turning 67 this week (New Year's Eve), we recall some of his best quotes from the past 12 months ...

"Wayne's said to me half a dozen times, 'I played centre-half for the school you know'. I said: 'Yes, but not against Drogba'.”Picking his back four vs Chelsea - without Rooney.

"Ronaldo's goal changed the game for us. It was a fantastic header. His spring and courage to go in front of the defender surprised the Roma player. It was a centre forward's header - it reminded me of myself.” Reliving Cristiano's goal against Roma away.

"How would I be without all this, please tell me? And anyway, my wife wouldn't let me retire. She kicks me out of the door at 7am every morning. She's quite a formidable person.”Sticking around after winning title number 10.

"I've had three European finals when it tipped down with rain so when the rain came in Moscow I said: 'This will do for me.' I was delighted to see it and with [John] Terry slipping... it's amazing." Enjoying the weather in Russia “That's the first penalty shoot-out I have ever won in a big game. I've lost three with Aberdeen and three with United, so seventh time lucky - magnificent.” Celebrating the spot-kick victory in Moscow.

"I'm going to check what he had for breakfast, something must have upset him.”Responding to Mark Hughes' claim that City v Chelsea is now bigger than Liverpool v United.

"You can't beat Frank Sinatra. I was actually supposed to have dinner with him one night, but we lost to Charlton so I cancelled it and went home!” Revealing - and missing - his musical hero.

January 2, 2009

2 Creative Staircase - Awesome!!!

0 The Boy (We) And The Apple Tree (Our Parent) - Really Touching Story

0 Upskirt Station - The Japanese Have No Limits


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