December 12, 2008

0 I'm CSI Trilogy Series Fan ... But This Is Pathetic!

0 Is This Holly Ganges River In India ... So Dirty!

0 Rich & Velvet Wedding Pictures

0 Stupid Excusses By Malaysian National Coach

After Malaysian were outclassed by the Thais or even the Vietnamese (to whom Malaysia lost 3-0 and 3-2 respectively), National Coach, B Satianathan have spoken,

"It was the pressure," he declare. "It is difficult to perform when you're under pressure to win. We started the second half badly and we were not dicipline at the back."

Really. Tell us more, Satianathan. First of all, I never ever expect any major achievement from National Team, as they are too soft ... like a pregnant lady. The Malaysian Tigers were no more than pussycats in Phuket. Perhaps the Tigers should be left in the den to live out their remaining years. Right now, they are the hunted, not the hunter!

0 Joke Of The Day - Landslides And Feng Shui

Kenny Hoo is the founder of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research, a company based in Bandar Utama. He claimed to have predicted that many landslides would occur beginning from the second quater of this year. His predictions were, however, not published.

Wee, don't you think its a damn easy to become a Feng Shui Master. I also wanted to become one, as I only have to predict what could happen, don't tell anyone about it, let everyone die first, till then I appear on the newspaper stating that, "Oh, I have predicted that before but I have not publish it." Phew ... what a joker this guy. He just wanna to be popular in the expense of the landslide' victims by showing his true stupidity!

0 Duty Call

I am sorry to my value customers that I was not able to update my blog yesterday. I was on assignment on one day trip to southern of Malaysia to do machinery inspection for two days of tiring trp, more than 1,000 km of driving, for one of the borrower of my company located at Masai and Kota Tinggi.

Well, an auditor is always an auditor. Always on the move!

December 10, 2008

0 Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

Hello Kitty sheets and bedside details aimed at easing the stress of childbirth.

A nurse complete with Hello Kitty apron and outfit tends to a baby inside the themed maternity.

The 30-bed Hau Sheng Hospital in Yuanlin in central Taiwan is reportedly the world's first Hello Kitty themed medical establishment.

From blankets and birth certificates to cots and uniforms worn by staff, every aspect of the Hello Kitty hospital is emblazoned with the feline motif.

Patients are welcomed by a statue of Hello Kitty dressed in a doctor's uniform, before travelling in a Hello Kitty elevator to a pink examination room with Hello Kitty posters on the wall.

0 What Happen To Our Community?

Anti-swearing sign in Preston: City-centre shops, restaurants and takeaways will display the posters.

Messages against bad languages include "No 'Effin & 'Jeffin" and "No Aggro" which can be read on signs and banners across Preston, Lancashire.

Other reminders are "No Pavement Pizza" which depicts a person being sick in the street and "Don't Pee Anti-Social" which shows someone urinating in a public place.

The £20,000 'Respect our city' scheme is designed to reduce anti-social behaviour such as swearing, spitting, litter dropping and dog fouling.

December 9, 2008

0 Dedicated Photographers Around The World

0 And Now They Are Going For Law Suit? Damn You!!!

Residents affected by last Saturday’s landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa have decided to sue the relevant government authorities for compensation.

A taskforce set up to represent residents affected by the landslide feels it has enough grounds to sue as the authorities failed to act in time to avert the tragedy that has taken four lives so far.

Taskforce chairman Datuk M. Muniandy said the committee had engaged lawyers to prepare the lawsuit and identify the authorities to be named in the suit. Read More ...

Cucu Tok Selampit: Now the arrogant, selfish, and ungrateful residents are going for the civil suit. After what have Malaysian done to them. Bravo. Thank you so much. Don't you think that you need two to tango? But This time, there are three, the authority, the developers and you morons. Please collect money and help them with their law suit! After all, what they have been doing all these years? Why cannot they sue the authority before?

0 Reality Of Fast Foods

I really upset when talking about the food that have been served to us by the fast food restaurants. Have you all been experience instances whereby there were lot of different between the food shown in the menu and the original food served to the you? Below are the examples of what I said and it really ... really happened to me. On the left is the menu photograph of the food and on the right is the actual food served to the customer.


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