November 14, 2008

0 Pictures Of UFO Sightings Part II

A Mr Lauersen was walking his dog in Viborg, Jutland, Denmark, in the early morning hours of November 17, 1974 when he saw a strange looking object shrouded in a white cloud. He took this photo as the object was 250-300 metres away.

An anonymous witness near Hamilton, on Lake Ontario, photographed this object as it approached him in March 1974. The object appeared to be a dark color and was very similar to one seen hovering over Centeno, Argentina two years later.

Taken by an unknown photographer on March 18, 1975 in Switzerland.

Taken by an unknown photographer in Nancy, France, on May 26, 1975.

A Brazilian Airline pilot on a passenger flight shot this photo over the Amazon jungle from the cockpit of his Boeing 727 in 1976.

Three discs are visible in this photograph taken on March 8, 1976 in Switzerland.

Photographed by Shuichi Watanabe on September 26, 1976 in Sapporo, Japan.

Taken on March 1, 1978 by a photographer in Canada.

This shot was taken on December 27, 1978 near Ranelagh, Argentina.

Taken by Gigi Brobeck in Santa Monica, California, in February 1979.

One of a series of photographs of a "mini UFO" taken by Jarmo Nykanen between 1973 and 1979 during a series of strange events around his house in Suonenjoki, Finland.

A disc "chases" a Phantom jet fighter above Germany on September 19, 1979. The picture was shot by teacher Dr. Karl Maier of Keltern-Weiler with a Polaroid camera.

Two former New Zealand Air Force photographic analysts described this photograph as "inscrutable". It was one of a series taken in the early morning on October 27, 1979 from a plane over Motonau, New Zealand.

0 Pictures Of UFO Sightings Part I

This curious bell-shaped object was photographed by a businessman from his garden in the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn. The UFO was sighted on April 2, 1966 and the picture was taken a few minutes after 2pm with a Polaroid camera.

This Photograph was taken by Vincent Perna December 18, 1966, at Lake Tiorati, New York. Perna said: "Suddenly a rare object of bronze color appeared, making no noise and its size was approximately six metres."

Two discs seen over Westover Air Force base, in Chicopee, Massachusetts, on January 13, 1967.

his unattributed photograph was taken on June 10, 1967 at Moonstucket, Rhode Island.

This picture was taken by Joe Ferriere on July 3, 1967 in Cumberland, Rhode Island, New York. It shows a large, cigar-shaped object, which he estimated to be 700ft in length and, towards the bottom right of the picture, a smaller disc.

An unknown photographer took this picture as dusk fell over Milledgeville, Georgia, on October 22, 1967.

An unattributed photograph taken from a plane over Venezuela on February 13, 1968.

Another unattributed photograph. This one was taken in San Jose, Argentina, in 1969.

Taken in Japan some time during 1970.

This strange glowing object was photographed during the 1970s over Bremerton, Washington.

One of two photographs snapped by a family taking a pictures of their new home in North Corsica in February 1971 when the object appeared.

Photograph taken Wilfred Power in 1972 during a visit to Plymouth Zoo, Devon.

An elongated, glowing white, cigar shaped craft hovering over a crater - or simply a reflection? This photo was taken by Apollo 16 just before the April 20, 1972 landing on the Moon. On the bottom left is one of the feet of the lander.

Photographed by an anonymous French doctor on March 23, 1974 in Tavernes, Var, during a major UFO flap over France.

A typical Hawaiin scene but with something hovering overhead. The picture was taken in April 1974.

November 13, 2008

0 Tippi Degre, The Real Life Mowgli

Her "brother" was an elephant, her best friend a leopard and her playground the African bush. Tippi Degre has been labelled the 'real-life Mowgli'.

Now Tippi's new book, 'Tippi: My Book of Africa', showcases the magical images that have led to comparisons with Rudyard Kipling's young hero in The Jungle Book.

Born in Windhoek, Namibia in 1990, Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degre lived with her French parents, wildlife photographers Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre. The three of them traveled extensively through Africa on a unique and incredible adventure.

She showed an unusual bond between man and beast. Sylvie, Tippi's mother, explains: "She was in the mindset of these animals. She believed the animals were her size and her friends. She was using her imagination to live in these different conditions".

Using her innocence and imagination, the young 'Mowgli' befriended one of the giants of the animal kingdom, Abu the African elephant.

"She had no fear," says Sylvie. "She did not realise she was not the same size as Abu the elephant. She would look into its eyes and speak to him".

Some animals were very taken with Tippi. Linda, an ostrich, would be so afraid of hurting the little girl that it proved very difficult to photograph Tippi riding her.

Now aged 18, Tippi passed her Baccalaureate and entered La Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris where she'll spend two years of cinema studies at the Lyceum. Tippi is facing a different jungle; the concrete kind.


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