October 10, 2008

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0 Orang Kota Bharu Pula Kena Kelentong Dengan Anwar Pin

Tempoh dua bulan akan datang menjelang hari Raya Aidiladha kini menjadi sasaran Pakatan Rakyat membentuk kerajaan baru Persekutuan?

Sasaran hari raya Korban pula dibayangkan oleh Ketua Umum Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim di sini semalam.

"Sasaran 16 September, ia masih landasan. Tak minggu ini, minggu depan. Jangan bimbang satu dua tahun berlaku."

"Mungkin sebelum Hari Raya Haji," kata beliau yang juga ketua pembangkang pada ceramah di Padang Perdana di sini.

Ini kali pertama Anwar mengadakan ceramah sejak dipilih sebagai ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh Ogos lalu.

Anwar diminta hadiri, kira-kira 12,000 sebab sasaran 16 September gagal dikotakan.

Apabila hadirin bersorak "jawab, jawab", Anwar memberitahu, sasaran 16 September memang menjadi, tetapi Perdana Menteri, Datuk seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi enggan menemui Pakatan Rakyat dan menolak permintaan sidang khas Parlimen pada 23 September lalu.

Anwar sekali lagi mendakwa mempunyai jumlah wakil rakyat yang mencukupi di samping mahu mengikut lunas Parlimen untuk menggantikan kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

Cucu Tok Selampit: Saya dapat bayangkan pada malam itu sekiranya Anwar berkata, "Saudara-saudaraku! Sekiranya anda semua percaya kepada saya, ragutlah rumput di padang ini. Saya berani bertaruh dengan gaji sebulan saya, separuh daripada orang yang menghadiri perjumpaan itu pada malam itu akan meragut rumput! Begitulah taksubnya mereka kepada pengganti Ayah Pin ini.

Kedua, mungkin selepas Raya Haji. Ya lah. Raya haji tahun bila? 2020. Cakap badut ini bukan boleh dipercayai.

Ketiga, sebab PM enggan menemui Pakatan Rakyat dan menolak permintaan sidang khas Parlimen pada 23 September lalu. Oh bodohnya kami semua! 13 Oct ni kan parlimen bersidang. Yang lepas tu lepaslah. 13 Oct ambillah kerajaan. Cakap bodoh nanti pengikut awak marah!!

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0 Malaysia Not Included In The Top 200 Universities

The Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings identified these to be the world's top 100 universities in 2008. These institutions represent 20 countries with Israel represented for the first time. Whilst North America dominates with 42 universities, Europe and Asia Pacific are well represented with 36 and 22 respectively.

Top 10 World Universities:

1. Harvard University, United States
2. Yale University, United States
3. University of Cambridge, United States
4. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
5. California Institute of Technology, United States
6. Imperial College London, United Kingdom
7. University College London, United Kingdom
8. University of Chicago, United States
9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
10. Columbia University, United States

To see Top 200 Universities, Click Here ...

Cucu Tok Selampit: Something have to be done by our Higher Education Ministry to bring back the glory and reputation for our Malaysian Universities.

October 9, 2008

0 The President During The Free Time

0 Nice Art!!

Chinese artist Bai Yiluo's 'Civilization', 2007, at the Saatchi Gallery in London, Britain, 07 October 2008. The new Saatchi Gallery opens to the public 09 October and will be the only free contemporary art exhibition space of its kind in the world.

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2 PM Was Forced To Retire Against His Will, Says Lim

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was forced to retire against his will at a time not of his choosing.

He said the abrupt and undignified nature of Abdullah's departure was a sad reflection of his weakened political position that lost him the respect of his party.

"Unlike his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah was forced to retire against his will at a time not of his choosing," he said in his statement released here by his office.

Ironically, he said, the public respected Abdullah more than his party, Umno, because he was seen as a "well-intentioned man who is probably one of the few clean leaders left in UMNO".

"Abdullah should leave a legacy of fighting corruption by having open tender and taking action against the leaders in Barisan Nasional (BN) and UMNO who abuse the power," he added.

Lim was commenting on the Prime Minister's decision not to defend his Umno presidency in the coming party election.

After chairing the BN supreme council meeting at the Putra World Trade Centre today, Abdullah announced that he would not defend his post as Umno president and would step down as Prime Minister in March next year. - Bernama.

Cucu Tok Selampit: Since went Guan Eng becomes buddies with Pak Lah? Guan Eng should just focus on developing Penang. His so-called achievement of bringing in investment was the legacy of the previous government. For the 7 past months, we the rakyat haven't seen anything concrete coming out from his administration apart from those 'exposures' of the previous government wrong-doings and his fondness to take a cheap-ride in Air Asia.

4 BN Leaders Respect Abdullah's Decision

Barisan Nasional (BN) component party leaders have accepted Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's decision not to defend the Umno president's post at party election in March and to relinquish the prime minister's post after that.

They also said that they were touched by the prime minister's commitment to implement initiatives to improve the country's competitiveness although there was already a leadership transition in place. Read More ...

Cucu Tok Selampit: Thank you Pak Lah for making such decision. I think this will be the most remarkable and popular decision you made in your lifetime career. I appreciated and respected your decision. Our battle end here. Good luck for your future undertakings.

October 8, 2008

0 How To Know If The Milk Products Made In China Or Taiwan

With more and more milk products from China and Taiwan having problem. We really got to check where the things are produced. Here is a way to differentiate Taiwan made products and China made products - by looking at first three digits of its Bar Code.

If the 1st 3 digits are 690, 691 or 692 - China made
If the 1st 3 digits are 471 – Taiwan made

0 Anwar Pin The Pinnochio

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today he believes that Malays or Muslims who use cruel laws against Hindus are not qualified to rule the country.

He also accused the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia newspaper of twisting facts to spark off hatred of the Malays for Hindus.

The issue at hand, he said, was the use of the Internal Security Act, which Anwar described as a cruel law.

"We as Malays, as Muslims, if we show cruelty to Malays or to Hindus, such a Malay is not qualified to rule the country,"he told reporters today.

He added: "You can take that down, Utusan Malaysia."

Anwar was on his way out of the KL court complex when he was asked to comment on the move by representatives of the Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) in presenting a memorandum calling for the release of those detained under the ISA to the Prime Minister at his Hari Raya open house last week.

"The issue is not any protest by Hindraf. The issue is the cruel ISA. It is a gross injustice.

"Those detained under this cruel law must be released. I stand on that principle," said Anwar.

CTS: Since when this is your principle? What have you been done for many many years when you was number two in the country?

He called for the immediate and unconditional release of the Hindraf five and Malaysia-Today news portal editor Raja Petra Kamarudin.

Asked what he thought of the speculation that Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would not defend his Umno presidency, he said he did not believe a government or an Umno led by Datuk Seri Najib Razak would be any better.

He said he did not believe that BN would be able to garner more support or credibility under Najib.

"We are talking about a system tainted by corruption. It is important that we continue to call for reform and change," he said.

CTS: Watch the NOSE ... it will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

He pointed out that regardless of Abdullah's decision tomorrow, it would not impact Pakatan Rakyat's plans and that the triparte opposition leaders were having another discussion on the matter later today.

CTS: Another drama?

Asked for an update on the Barisan Nasional lawmakers whom he had allegedly convinced to cross over, he said: "It is a non-issue. They have given me their support and have not reneged on the agreement."

CTS: Yes it is an issue. You create havoc in the country. Now tell us the result!

Cucu Tok Selampit: How Anwar Pin is going to be remembered by his PKR supporters:

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October 7, 2008

0 Green Park Photos From Beijing Olympics 2008

0 Another Comedy From Anuar Pin

Anwar Pin Said:

Speaking to members of the press before going into the court building, Anwar said, "I will deliver my budget speech on Oct 13 as the Opposition Leader in Parliament."

Cucu Tok Selampit: Correct me if I'm wrong. Did he said he wanna meet Prime Minister to discuss the take over of the government. After that if I'm not mistaken he want to meet the King to discuss the government take over and show the King the list of "jumping frogs MPs". And if I'm not mistaken also, if all the rest are not successful, did he want to put a motion of take over government or non-confidence motion to be tabled against PM when the parliament resume on Oct 13? What on earth he want to deliver the budget speech as the Opposition Leader??? Where are your jumping frogs???

October 6, 2008

0 Patung Anwar Pin

Satu replika gergasi pertama di Malaysia telah berjaya dirasmikan dengan jayanya oleh YB Amiruddin Saari (ADUN Batu Caves), YB Manikavasagam (MP Kapar), YB Sivarasah (MP Subang) dan YB William Leong (MP Selayang) selaku tetamu kehormat majlis ini. Replika yang setinggi hampir 40 kaki itu menelan kos perbelanjaan hampir RM 5,000.00 dengan Bantuan para aktivis dan reformis serta penduduk DUN Batu Caves yang mahukan semangat Anwar Pin untuk membina Malaysia baru akan terus berkekalan dan ianya juga merupakan simbol sebagai tanda sokongan padu masyarakat pelbagai kaum di Dun Batu Caves ini.

Elok sangatlah tu. Lepas ini, pengikut-pengikut PKR yang membabi buta mengagung-agungkan Anuar Pin ini, bolehlah membawa beras pulut, ayam golek dan buah-buahan sebagai sembahan kepada dewa mereka ini. Oh ya, Cucu Tok Selampit turut mencadangkan bahawa patung ini diletakkan di sebelah patung Mariaman di Batu Caves, barulah kena. Sama-sama taraf Tuhan. Belum lagi memerintah sudah membuat tugu untuk pemimpin mereka. Kalau sudah perintah, mungkin buat tugu emas mengalahkan tugu negara! Tok Guru Dato' Nik Aziz Nik Mat dan Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang takkan hendak mendiamkan diri sahaja melihat benda-benda kurafat ini. Janganlah gajah di depan mata buat-buat tak nampak. Fasik namanya! Sepatutnya duit RM5,000 yang digunakan untuk kerja-kerja yang tidak berfaedah ini dibelanjakan untuk orang-orang miskin di Batu Caves. Besar ertinya!

Kemaskini 07 October 2008:

Gambar besar Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim setinggi 12 meter dalam kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Batu Caves tidak akan diturunkan sekarang walaupun dianggap "berunsur keberhalaan" dan "perlu dihapuskan dengan segera." Gambar penasihat PKR yang diperbuat daripada papan lapis itu dinaikkan pada 28 September oleh sekumpulan penyokong PKR bagi menyambut Aidilfitri diletakkan di sebuah simpang depan Wisma Keringat dengan kelulusan Majlis Perbandaran Selayang.Wakil rakyat PKR kawasan itu Amiruddin Shari berkata ia akan diturunkan apabila permit kelulusannya tamat tempoh tidak lama lagi.

Bagaimanapun beliau, yang turut merasmikan penegakan gambar Anwar berbaju biru muda sedang tersenyum sambil mengangkat tangan kanan itu, tidak pasti bila tarikh tamat permit tersebut. "Apabila tamat tempoh yang dibenarkan, kita akan turunkan. "Saya tidak pasti berapa lama, tetapi seingat saya, permitnya tidak sampai sebulan," katanya kepada Malaysiakini, mengulas kenyataan mufti Perlis di muka depan sebuah akhbar hari ini.

Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin berkata Islam melarang penganutnya menjadikan objek manusia seperti replika yang besar untuk diagungkan oleh pengikut masing-masing kerana menjurus kepada unsur mengagungkan sesama manusia lebih daripada had yang sepatutnya.Amiruddin, yang juga naib ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK), bagaimanapun menafikan wujud aktiviti keberhalaan di tempat tersebut. "Tidak timbul bantahan pada waktu ia dibina. Perkara ini hanya muncul apabila wujud persepsi umum selepas beberapa pihak memberikan pandangan," katanya. "Tidak pernah wujud aktiviti keberhalaan di tempat itu.

Mungkin mufti menganggapnya sebagai patung. "Saya hormat pandangan beliau, tetapi terdapat juga pandangan- pandangan lain. Perkara ini khilaf (berbeza pandangan tentang isu syarak)."Selain Amiruddin, poster gergasi itu dirasmikan naib presiden PKR Sivarasa Rasiah, timbalan ketua perhubungan PKR Selangor S Manikavasagam dan bendahari PKR William Leong - masing-masing ahli parlimen Subang Jaya, Kapar dan Selayang.Menurut blog DUN Batu Caves, foto besar itu menelan kos hampir RM5,000 yang diusahakan aktivis parti dan penduduk setempat "yang mahukan semangat Anwar untuk membina 'Malaysia Baru' akan terus berkekalan" dan juga simbol sebagai tanda sokongan padu masyarakat pelbagai kaum di situ.

Lukisan itu mengambil masa lebih kurang lapan hari disiapkan dan dirasmikan sejam selepas itu pada 5 petang.Beliau (foto kanan) berkata, isu pembaziran yang dibangkitkan sesetengah pihak "tidak timbul" kerana gambar besar itu dibina menggunakan dana individu dan bukannya peruntukan kerajaan Selangor atau partinya."Saya sendiri menyumbangkan RM100 untuk menjayakan pembinaannya," katanya.

Menurut Amiruddin lagi, beliau hadir merasmikan gambar itu untuk menghargai "sokongan masyarakat India yang percaya dan komited kepada perjuangan PKR yang didukung Anwar."Kawasan itu yang dulunya kubu kuat MIC sekarang menjadi milik PKR, jelasnya.Bersebelahan gambar itu turut digantung kain rentang mengucapkan selamat hari raya dengan gambar Anwar, naib presiden PKR yang juga ahli parlimen kawasan itu Mohamed Azmin Ali dan Amiruddin sendiri.Ditanya sama ada tindakannya menaikkan gambar gergasi itu bertujuan mengampu Anwar, beliau menafikannya."Kalau benar pun, Anwar tidak akan termakan bodek macam itu," katanya, sambil ketawa.Beliau turut menolak dakwaan bahawa beliau cuba mencari populariti untuk bertanding dalam pemilihan AMK tahun depan.


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