September 26, 2008

0 Scolari's Dream Or "Fatamorgana"

Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari is targetting a historic quadruple after marking his first English Cup game with an emphatic victory over FA Cup holders Portsmouth.

Scolari watched two-goal Frank Lampard inspire his side to a stunning 4-0 League Cup third round win at Fratton Park on Wednesday.

“It is the same for the players. It will be very difficult but we have the team for it, we have the players for it.

“Last year they got to three finals and this is what I want. You could see by our team the League Cup is important to us.”

Cucu Tok Selampit: He .. He .. He .. I thought I heard it from someone before. Is it from Jose who? Action please and no talk ... and provide trophies, will you!

0 Word Of The Day

In timely fashion, given the Blues' Carling Cup exit to Brighton, Sir Alex warns Manchester City that money cannot buy success. As the Boss puts it: “You can buy 11 individuals - you can buy 11 Robinhos - but it wouldn’t be a team would it?"

0 Pictures Of The Day

Gang Rape?

Papa And Mama Bear

Magic of Photoshop

Choose Your Favorite Underware

Go Go Gadget Legs!

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1 The Malaysian Political Oscars!

Our political situation is like something out of a movie ... so here are the awards. The envelope, please ...

Malaysian Political Oscars proudly present 2008 most widely watched television event in Malaysia, the Political Oscar telecast reaches over 1 billion viewers, some of whom are dead, some of whom are 130 years old, and most of whom are registered at the same address.

How does it work? Members of the academy (all Malaysian taxi drivers who despite being allegedly the worst in the world at driving taxis are remarkably good at political analysis) vote on these awards, and the results are tabulated by the auditors of some large accounting firm who would rather do this sort of thing than real accounting work, which might explain the state of the economy.

Here are the nominees and winners.

Best Supporting Actor

It is a crowded field this year, with many stellar performances from both veterans and newcomers. The nominees include private investigator P. Balasubramaniam in Missing; Pusrawi's Dr. Mohd Osman in Rear Window; Zaid Ibrahim in Gone in Sixty Seconds; and Raja Petra Kamaruddin in An Inconvenient Truth.

But the Best Supporting Actor Oscar goes to Penang Umno leader Ahmad Ismail for his controversial performance in Pride and Prejudice. Despite his recent success, which led to him being cast in Under Siege and Raging Bull, Ahmad has flatly refused roles in the films Anger Management and Atonement.

Best Supporting Actress

For her critically-acclaime d performance in Minority Report, this year's Best Supporting Actress Oscar goes to Sinchew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng. Interestingly, immediately after that film completed principal photography, Tan was the unwitting star of Catch and Release, a film that may or may not have been directed by Syed Hamid Albar, depending on which version of the studio press kit you read. Tan spent just 18 hours on location, before quitting, citing creative differences.

Best Cinematography

For his impactful camera work in the V.K. Lingam vehicle The Conversation, the Oscar for Cinematography goes to Gwo Loh Burne. (Although The Conversation was shot some time ago, due to his refusal to be credited for many months, Gwo Loh Burne could not be given the award earlier. When he finally came forward, this legal thriller was re-released in some markets as The Burne Identity.) The Conversation beat out Entrapment, starring Chua Soi Lek, which also features an anonymous cinematographer.

Best Foreign-Language Film

Agricultural Study Tour, a Taiwanese sleeper hit, was shot entirely by coincidence, supposedly with no director and no funding. Nonetheless, a sequel, Exile on My Taiwanese Farm: Peeling my Taugeh might be filmed next year with some of the original cast.

Best Original Screenplay

Jumper, written by Anwar Ibrahim, wins this year's award. Although the film suffers from a cast of unknowns, whose number seems to fluctuate from scene to scene (though always at least 31), the script is undeniably original and exciting. It also has the potential for numerous sequels, which will prove profitable for the actors.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Written by a team of in-house screenwriters from the Attorney-General's Studios, The Accused, starring Anwar Ibrahim, is allegedly adapted from instructions given by political superiors. A remake of the 1998 flop, but with many of the same actors and production team.

Best Actress

Seputeh Member of Parliament Teresa Kok was competing against herself this year with sterling performances in a slew of releases: Election; Woman on Top; Supergirl; and, in cinemas until last Friday, the black comedy Enemy of the State. She wins the Best Actress Oscar, however, for her most famous role, Miss Congeniality, which has earned her praise from audiences and critics alike.

Best Actor

The big stars of yesteryear dominated the Best Actor category this year. Nominees include S. Samy Vellu in Gone With The Wind; Dr. Mahathir Mohamed in V for Vendetta; and both Najib Tun Razak and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in the comedy Trading Places.

The winner, however, of the Malaysian Political Oscar for Best Actor is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his flawless, nuanced, masterful performance in Eyes Wide Shut.

Best Picture

The nominees for Best Picture in the Malaysian Political Oscars are all gripping epics. They include the moving story of the many members of Parti Sosialis Malaysia, The Magnificent Seven; the Khairy Jamaluddin biopic Million Dollar Baby; the Hindraf saga, Out for Justice; and the tale of Gerakan in the Barisan Nasional, The End of the Affair.

The winner for Best Picture, however, is the story of the MCA's struggle against the Internal Security Act, Look Who's Talking Now.

Lifetime Achievement Award

For his astonishing film career spanning many decades, and including both commercial hits and small but critically-acclaime d art-house movies, Anwar Ibrahim wins the Lifetime Achievement Award.

His roles, in chronological order, include: Wild at Heart; The Young Guns; The Great Debaters; Sleeping With The Enemy; The Insider; The Sweet Smell of Success; Reversal of Fortune; Cast Away; The Accused; The Cell; Cry Freedom!; Into the Wild; Back to the Future; Mission : Impossible; The Perfect Storm; and, most recently, Eastern Promises.

Depending on the outcome of contract negotiations, Anwar's next movies may include The King and I; Top Gun; and Great Expectations. Alternatively, he may take roles in Crash; The Departed; and The Forgotten. That's the thing about show business you never know what the big stars will do next!

That's all for this year's edition of the Malaysian Political Oscars.

See you on the red carpet next year!

September 25, 2008

0 A Story Of A Failure

0 Vocabulary Of The Day

0 Another Comedy Statement From PKR Leader

PKR Perak Tengah district councillor Zul Hassan and businessman Fairul Azrim Ismail had admitted having accepted offers to have sex with Chinese nationals.

Zul, who is facing a corruption charge over a development project at Seri Iskandar in Perak Tengah, had lodged a complaint together with Fairul against Mohamad Imran on Tuesday.

Mohamad Imran is the complainant in a corruption case in which Zul and four others are the accused.

Zul had disclosed that an Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) officer claimed to have pictures of him having sex with a Chinese national.

He had been quoted as saying “what is important is we did not ask for the women. He supplied them to us. If people sedekah (donate), don’t you want to accept the sedekah?


Cucu Tok Selampit: Leadership by example, practice by PKR's Moron. I think his Boss also agreed that in Saiful's case, there is nothing wrong with that. It is also "sedekah"!

0 Another Flip Flop From PKR

Ahli Parlimen Seputeh, Teresa Kok akhirnya mengaku membuat kenyataan bercanggah mengenai makanan yang dihidangkan kepadanya semasa ditahan di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA).

Pada 19 September lalu beliau mendakwa makanan itu “sama seperti makanan anjing” tetapi pada 22 September menukarnya kepada “baik sedikit daripada makanan anjing”.

“Okey baiklah. Awak mengesan kesilapan saya dengan bantuan rakaman video dan sebagainya, dan saya boleh terima kritikan,” katanya dalam satu forum mengenai ISA anjuran DAP di sini malam tadi.

Komen Exco Kerajaan Selangor itu yang mendakwa Utusan Malaysia memutarbelitkan kenyataannya disiarkan dalam laman blognya hari ini.

Teresa mendakwa “tersilap membuat kenyataan” dengan alasan ketika itu beliau keletihan berikutan jadual yang padat sebaik sahaja dibebaskan daripada tahanan ISA.

Dalam reaksinya berhubung kontroversi ‘makanan anjing’ yang menimbulkan kemarahan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, Teresa mencela Utusan Malaysia dengan menuduh ia menjadi isu besar “kerana diputarbelitkan oleh Utusan Malaysia untuk memburukkan imejnya.”

Para pembaca Utusan Malaysia mengecam usaha Teresa untuk memfitnah akhbar itu memandangkan kenyataan “sama seperti makanan anjing” tersebut turut disiarkan oleh portal Internet Malaysiakini, akhbar Sin Chew Daily dan stesen televisyen TV3.

Dalam blog yang sama, Teresa mendakwa, sama ada beliau mengatakan makanan di lokap ISA “sama seperti makanan anjing” ataupun “sedikit lebih baik daripada makanan anjing”, maksudnya adalah sama iaitu makanan di lokap ISA itu teruk sekali.

Teresa turut menafikan tuduhan bahawa beliau pernah membuat dakwaan tidak benar di Parlimen berhubung isu wanita China dibogelkan di pusat tahanan polis, sedangkan siasatan mendapati wanita itu ialah wanita Melayu.

“Tengoklah mereka, orang UMNO memang macam ini, saya tidak pernah berkata bahawa wanita berbogel dalam VCD itu adalah wanita warga China,” katanya.

Teresa juga berkata, beliau tidak takut jika disaman oleh Utusan Malaysia. “Samanlah, ISA pun saya sudah pernah masuk, takut apa lagi saman daripada Utusan Malaysia?,” katanya.


0 Badan Saja PAS, Baju Keadilan

Sasterawan terkenal Azizi Abdullah yang mendakwa ramai ahli PAS, khususnya Pemuda sangat terpengaruh PKR khususnya dalam kempen pilihanraya, termasuk di Permatang Pauh bulan lalu.

azizi abdullahMenulis di blognya (, pengarang novel Seorang Tua di Kaki Gunung itu yang pernah menjadi calon PAS berkata "sangat payah hendak membezakan yang mana PKR, yang mana orang PAS".

"Sebenarnya telah kelihatan ramai ahli-ahli PAS semacam sudah menjadi ahli PKR, malah mereka lebih PKR daripada PAS, mabuk rasa, mabuk nama," katanya, yang pernah dilantik pengarah Majlis Tindakan DUN parti itu.

"Terakhir, dari mulut ke mulut, mereka (ahli PAS) impikan peralihan kuasa melalui PKR dan apabila ada pemimpin PAS berceramah, mereka akan merungut dan membebel mulut jika pemimpin PAS mengupas soal peperangan Kubra atau nuzul Quran dalam konteks politik kini, kerana pemimpin PAS itu tidak mengulas dengan penuh semangat bagaimana peralihan kuasa dan kewibawaan Anwar menjadi pemimpin."

Azizi berkata, ahli-ahli PAS tidak lagi melaungkan takbir tetapi "reformasi" dalam ceramah-ceramah dan lebih banyak menghabiskan masa di pondok panas PKR daripada pusat PAS ketika menghadapi pilihanraya.

"Memang muak pun melihat ramai ahli-ahli PAS, terutama kalangan anak-anak muda, apabila berbadan PAS tetapi berbaju PKR.

"Sesekali semacam hendak menyindir betapa akidah kepartian mereka sangat senang digoncang hinggut oleh pengaruh apa yang dianggap 'reformasi'," katanya.

Ahli-ahli PAS juga didakwa terikut-ikut dengan pendirian PKR terhadap ahli parlimennya Zulkifli Nordin berhubung tindakan membantah forum 'Memeluk Islam' anjuran Majlis Peguam, Ogos lalu.

Cucu Tok Selampit: Tidak boleh dinafikan, perangai anak-anak muda Pas yang kononnya tinggi keIslamannya sudah mula terikut-ikut dengan pengikut PKR yang kurang ajar dan sering mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat. Sayang Pas akan terkubur sebegini rupa.

0 The Liar Flip Flop Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar urges patience in bid to remove gov't

Sep 24, 08 1:22pm

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today defended his failure to topple the government a week after claiming he had enough support to seize power, and asked Malaysians to be patient.

Anwar said removing the ruling coalition which has dominated Malaysian politics for half a century was an enormous task and that he wanted to do it smoothly and within the law.

"I appeal to Malaysian citizens, particularly those who want to see a change, to understand this and be a bit more patient because we do not want to transgress the constitution, rules and procedures," he told a press conference.

"It will take a lot of patience, a lot of resolve, to try and unravel this complex web controlled by a few cronies," he said.

Anwar said last week he had the support of more than 31 lawmakers from the Barisan Nasional coalition and called on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to agree to negotiations on a handover of power.

Abdullah refused and rejected a request for an emergency session of parliament for the opposition to mount a vote of no confidence against him.

PKR information chief Tian Chua said yesterday the opposition had begun handover talks with the government, with several meetings between intermediaries taking place since the weekend.

Abdullah said there were no such talks and Anwar said Wednesday he was "not aware" of any discussion on a political transition.

But he said he had written to the king to inform him of his actions so far, although he was not yet seeking an audience with the monarch, who would need to approve any change in government.

'If they think I'm a liar, put it to test'

Anwar dismissed the premier's claims that he was merely bluffing about the defectors, whose names he has refused to release.

"If they think I'm a liar, put it to the test and have a vote taken," he said.

Parliament resumes on Oct 13 after a break for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan but even then the opposition faces procedural barriers to mounting a no-confidence vote.

Anwar faces a trial on sodomy allegations - the same charge that saw the former deputy premier sacked and jailed a decade ago.

On Wednesday, his lawyers argued against an application to move the case to the High Court.

"The prosecution is trying very hard to transfer the case to the High Court so it will be heard by a judge decided by them," Anwar said after a hearing at the Sessions Court which reserved its judgement to Oct 7.


Dear Anwar Ibrahim,

1. Because PM refused to see you, Sep 16 cannot be accomplished even though you claimed that you have numbers? Are you think we are stupid, Moron?

2. You can sent any letter to the King, may be just to say hi! How on earth we know what is the content. Because of your trade mark as a liar, we cannot dare to trust you with anything.

3. Why don't you seek audience with the King. You don't have the numbers, don't you. You don't wan to embarrass yourself in front of the King. Don't give idiot excuse of legal procedures or constitutional rules. That one may be you can bluff your Permatang Pauh supporters.

4. Anwar bin Ibrahim. I dare to call you a liar!! You can have a vote taken on Oct 13, when the parliament resumes. The we can see the true picture of you. My humble request, no more excuses please.


Cucu Tok Selampit.

0 Al Fatehah Untuk Bapa

Allahyarham Osman bin Hashim (18/11/1938 - 25/09/2004)

Hari ini genap 4 tahun pemergian Bapa yang amat disayangi. Hanya tahlil dan doa sentiasa Abang panjatkan buat hadiah untuk Bapa. Allah lebih menyayangimu. Semoga dirimu berbahgia di sana.


Cucu Tok Selampit.

September 24, 2008

0 PKR Dengan Drama Comedy Flip Flop

Ketua Penerangan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Tian Chua ketika dihubungi berkata, Pakatan Rakyat akan terus memastikan peralihan kuasa akan berlaku pada tarikh tersebut walaupun sidang Parlimen tergempar bagi membolehkan undi tidak percaya kepada Perdana Menteri ditolak.

"Kita sasarkan peralihan kuasa secara aman akan berlaku sebelum hari raya nanti.

"Ataupun satu persefahaman ke arah itu (peralihan kuasa) akan dapat dicapai pada 1 Oktober nanti," katanya.

Sehubungan itu, kata beliau, Pakatan Rakyat sedang mengatur satu rundingan dengan wakil Perdana Menteri bagi membincangkan mengenai perlihan kuasa antara kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) dan Pakatan Rakyat.

"Perdana Menteri enggan menemui kita, jadi kita akan berusaha untuk berurusan dengan pegawai-pegawainya untuk berbincang.

"Kami percaya melalui perbincangan kita dapat membentuk kerajaan dalam keadaan aman," katanya.

Ditanya sama ada Pakatan Rakyat mempunyai perancangan untuk mengadap Yang di-Pertuan Agung bagi memohon perkenan membentuk kerajaan baru, beliau berkata, perkara itu perlu diuruskan dengan cara terbaik.

"Sebelum kita mengadap Yang di-Pertuan Agung, lebih baik kita selesaikan dengan rakyat biasa dahulu," katanya.

Cucu Tok Selampit: Oii Apek! Kau tahu tak 1 Oktober tu Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Kau carilah tarikh lain kalau dah kemaruk sangat Boss kau nak berkuasa. Hormatlah hari perayaan orang Islam.

Drama Kedua:

Tian Chua also said he was retracting his earlier statement which was reported by foreign news agencies yesterday that the Opposition had opened talks with the Govern­ment via a third party.

Cucu Tok Selampit: Samalah kau Apek macam Boss kau. Kau sudah berbohong dengan wartawan asing, sudah burukkan nama negara, kemudian dengan wartawan tempatan kau tarik balik kenyataan itu. Apa la!

Drama Ketiga:

After a couple of false starts, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has now ceased to set a deadline for Pakatan Rakyat to take over the government.

“It is not an issue of deadlines anymore. Who could have anticipated that the Prime Minister would refuse to hold an emergency Parliament session when we already have the numbers?” he told reporters at the Jalan Duta court complex on Wednesday after the hearing of his sodomy case.

Cucu Tok Selampit: Anwar, Anwar. Sekejap ada "deadline". Sekejap tak ada "deadline". Sudahlah tu, tak payah hendak jadi munafik lagi. Jangan lagi bagi banyak alasan. Hanya pengikut-pengikut bodoh kamu saja yang masih percaya dengan kamu.

0 Cool Creation - Blood Puddle Pillows

Cool! This pillow is a hint of pure genius. Designed to look like a splattered puddle of blood under your head. In the images it looks pretty realistic and could be a really cruel joke to pull on your family. Although your wife will probably make you take your blood pillow and sleep on the couch for a few weeks after this. For even more realism, sleep with a gun in your hands and lay like one of those corpse chalk prints. Extra points for more than one scream! Link.

0 Vocabulary Of The Day

0 Burj Dubai - Latest Development

0 Modern African Fashion! Interested?

0 Al Quran Online

Now you can read Al Quran on-line. 'Quranflash' had started in February 2007 as a simple microsite displaying the Holy Quran (Medina layout) in a very attractive way. Among the main features that have been added to the website are the following:
  • Increasing the page sizes to make reading easier.
  • Rescanning pages of the Quran more presicely to include side information such as page and chapter numbering, as well as chapter name.
  • Ability to magnify an area of the page using the magnify glass.
  • Ability to bookmark up to 8 pages from each book.
  • Option to select between different books (such as Quran with tajweed, interpretations, etc.)
  • Ability to control the pages quality and hence downloading speed.
  • Ability to change the background image to suit the reader.
  • Ability to jump the supplication page of the Quran.
  • Ability to close each book.
  • Ability to navigate the Quran using the directional buttons of the keyboard.
Please click 'Quranflash'

September 23, 2008

0 Siti Nurhaliza's Step Son


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