August 8, 2008

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0 Bamboo Driff - Cool Chinese Sport

It is a special sport in Guaozhou. Have you even seen any sports like this? It is new to me. I sure believe all of them are top swimmers and great with physical balancing. All they have under their feet is a long bamboo stick.

0 Shanghai REN Building

Shanghai's Icon of Architecture

The REN Building is a proposal for a hotel, sports and conference center for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The building is conceived as two buildings merging into one.

The first building, emerging from the water, is devoted to the activities of the body, and houses the sports and water culture center.

The second building emerging from land, is devoted to the spirit and enlightenment, and houses the conference center and meeting facilities. The two buildings meet in a 1000 room hotel, a building for living.

The building becomes the Chinese sign for 'The People', and a recognizable landmark for the Word.

0 Blogger Held For Sedition

The Star, Friday August 8, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Blogger Bakaq @ “Penarik Beca” was arrested by the Federal Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) under the Sedition Act for allegedly defacing the Royal Malaysia Police logo by replacing the tiger symbol with a barking dog.

He is also said to have removed or defaced the crown bearing the words Allah and Mohamed with the symbol of a star.

It is learnt that four plainclothes policemen arrested him from his Taman Greenwood house in Gombak at about 11pm yesterday.

It is learnt police also seized a laptop and a cellular phone belonging to the blogger.

CCID Director Commissioner Datuk Koh Hong Sun confirmed that Bakaq, whose real name is Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar, had been arrested under the Sedition Act.

He said police had obtained a one-day remand order to detain him to facilitate police investigations.

Bloggers described Bakaq as having contributed in revealing the hidden agenda behind the muzakarah (dialogue) between PAS and Umno.

They said that although the blogger was not affiliated to any political party, he is said to be a strong supporter of the PAS desire to form an Islamic Government that will be fair to all races.

His family and friends yesterday gathered outside the CCID headquarters in Bukit Perdana to show support.

Cucu Tok Selampit: No reason why he was arrested was given by Sheikh Azidi of Kickdefella yesterday. I was misjudged he was arrested because of the political reasons. If he defaced the Royal Malaysia Police logo by replacing the tiger symbol with a barking dog, let him be in jail. He is not worth to be a Malaysian. I'm not with you anymore, Bakaq Haq.

0 US To Monitor Legal Proceedings

The Star, Friday August 8, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: The United States will closely monitor legal proceedings involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case.

The US Embassy, in a statement issued yesterday, urged that the rule of law be upheld.

It said the transparent and impartial application of the law in the case was crucial in order for continued confidence in Malaysia as a democratic country.

The statement said Anwar's past sodomy conviction pointed to a flawed legal process that led to the conviction being overturned later by the court.

Cucu Tok Selampit: Typical US Government. Always concern and take care of its stooges around the world!

August 7, 2008

0 The Worlds Longest Bike

It has been to our attention that the longest bike in the world, officially registered by Guinness record book is from Russia.It’s creator Oleg “Leshij” Rogov was from Tver city, a small town near Moscow city. He was a big biker fan since his childhood. One day he has got an idea to build the longest bike in the world, according to his own story “probably after he got too much  beer inside”.

So after two years of planning and delaying he did it. He built the bike that was 31 feet 4 inches long (9 meters 57 cm). After the thing was ready he sent his claim to the Guinness book and got registered as longest bike in the world. The saddest part of the story is that he got into accident and died this summer, still we have the photo of his creation, it would be some kind of tribute to him.

0 Angelina - Brad's Twins

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