July 26, 2008

0 Another Flip Flop Decision

The Star, Friday July 25, 2008

Merc for visiting foreign dignitaries, says PM

PUTRAJAYA: The Terengganu state government will have to abide by the Cabinet decision not to use its newly purchased Mercedes as the official cars for its executive councillors.

However, the 14 cars would instead be used for visiting foreign dignitaries and guests of the state.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that while the state government was told to abide by the Cabinet’s earlier decision on the Mercedes E200 Kompressors, losses would be incurred if the cars that were already bought by the state government were to be sold off.
The state government had replaced its fleet of Proton Perdana V6 Executive with the 14 Mercedes cars at RM3.43mil for the use of its state executive councillors and senior officials, citing high maintenance costs of the Proton cars as a reason.

Speaking after attending the National Academic Awards 2007 event at the Putrajaya International Convention Center yesterday, Abdullah said he and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had discussed the matter with Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said on Thursday.

"Yesterday (Thursday) Najib and I in a meeting with the MB discussed the matter and we said that the important thing was that the Cabinet had decided the state government should not use the cars for its excos,” he said.

"I said use the Mercedes cars for guests who are visiting,” he added.

Earlier Friday, Ahmad said, "We (Abdullah and Najib) reached a consensus on the matter during the meeting at Putra World Trade Centre (on Thursday). The matter has been solved." Ahmad said both leaders had told him that the matter is solved and should be laid to rest.
Cucu Tok Selampit: As jebatmustdie said, "This is what we all get for having an unwise Prime Minister whom nobody respects. Not even from his own team members!"

0 Happy 100th Birthday, My Alma Mater

College to honour Kedah Sultan, Tunku and Mahathir

ALOR STAR: The Sultan of Kedah, first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and fourth prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be honoured today as Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid’s collegians of the century.

The three former students will get the highest recognition in conjunction with the school’s centennial celebration.

Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah is the longest-reigning monarch in modern day Malaysia. The late Tunku was the father of Independence. Dr Mahathir was instrumental in creating a progressive nation.

In conjunction with the college’s Open Day, the Sultan and Dr Mahathir will ride in a vintage car to the exhibition venue held in conjunction with the school’s 100th anniversary celebration.

The school’s senior assistant for co-curricular activities, Koay Kheng Kooi, said the three-day event was open to the public and a string of activities had been lined up for visitors from 8.30am to 6pm from today to Monday.

"We will also have a food fair and colouring competition. We are also holding an art exhibition to display works by old collegians,” he said.

The Sultan will also plant a time capsule at the school’s Centennial Square.

The Sultan’s confidential secretary, Datuk Syed Unan Mashri Syed Abdullah, said the time capsule would be reopened in 100 years.
Cucu Tok Selampit: Happy 100th birthday, Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid. I love you!! Loving memory 1983 - 1987.

0 The Story About Thief And Robbers

Terengganu’s cars only cost RM542 a year, says Proton

PETALING JAYA: The average maintenance cost for each Perdana car sent by the Terengganu Government was only RM542 per year, said Proton Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

He said in a statement yesterday that this was based on records of 35 cars sent by the state government to its authorised service outlets.

He also said Proton was currently reviewing its service data and records involving all Proton vehicles, particularly the Perdana, sent for maintenance by the Government.
“We are more than willing to provide all necessary assistance to the state governments if they require clarification on issues relating to the Perdana or any other Proton vehicles bought by them,” he said.

Syed Zainal said RM542 was a reasonable figure, adding that the average total maintenance cost for a car travelling up to 30,000km per year was RM2,300 and would increase with heavier usage.

He was commenting on the state government’s disputed purchase of 14 Mercedes-Benz E200 Kompressors for the use of its executive councillors to replace its Perdana V6 fleet, which were said to be too costly to maintain.
Cucu Tok Selampit: Don't worry Datuk Syed Zainal. People know it is not Proton fault. A lot of people are using Perdana and there is nothing wrong with the car. Its only about the two culprits, Idris Jusuh and Ahmad Sabu. Let the thief and the robber fight each other. We just watch the drama.

July 25, 2008

0 Japan New Fashion Style .... Wow!!

July 24, 2008

0 China Brushing Up Their Engrish For Olympics 2008

Don't Ask! Its complicated

New basketball Ball?

No comment. Use your own way.

If you fall, fall carefully.

Acid Food, anybody?

Halal parking.

Suicide ATM machine?

Entrance is for public, enterness is for Royal Highness!!

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