July 21, 2008

1 Puteri Sarah Liyana - Aduh Saleha

M Nasir has announced in Malay Mail that he has finally found the actress who is going to play SALIHA in his new movie. ADUH SALIHA and the lucky girl will be none other than PUTERI SARAH LIYANA MEGAT KAMARUDDIN. She’s the girl from the SILKY GIRL advertisement.

Her real life ...


Anonymous said...

i think you're mean. I'm sorry to say. She's a typical teenager and she makes mistakes. Just because she's famous,doesn't make her any different. And how do you know that's her real life?! You can't just say that about people. We all know she made a BIG mistake but the whole of Malaysia is turning on her and you're not making her feel any better..


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